Mesco Surgical

Suction Catheter

Our company is counted among the most prominent Pulmonary Suction Catheter Manufacturers in India. The Suction Catheter is highly effective in the removal of waste-materials from bronchial and trachea tubes. The colored connectors help in the easy identification of the sizes and the simple design has also helped in making the Respiratory Suction Catheter highly distinguished in the global market. The suction catheter is available in the length of 53 cm and size ranging from 8FG to 18 FG. Moreover, thumb control suction catheters are also available so as to suit the requirement.

Thumb Control Suction catheter :

  • For removal of secretion from trachea and bronchial tubes
  • Soft and kink resistant tubing with frosted surface
  • A traumatic soft rounded, beveled open tip with one lateral eye
  • Colour coded plain connector for easy identification of size
  • Length : 53 cm
  • Size : FG 8,10,12,14,16,18
  • Available in Paper strip Packing & Plastic Bag Packing