Mesco Surgical

Measured Volume Set

We have carved the top most position in the list of the most prominent Measured Volume Set Suppliers in India. The materials used in the manufacturing of the Measured Volume Burette Set are of unmatched quality that further ensures unbeatable performance in the respective applications. The Cylindrical Measured Volume Set has the capacity of approx 50-60 drops/ml. The length of the PVC pipe is 1500 mm and the sizes available are 110ml & 150ml so as to suit the requirement of the customer.

Burette Set

  • Provided with clear, cylindrical calibrated , flexible measured volume chamber from Non toxic Medical grade PVC
  • With bacteria proof venting and injection port for extra medication
  • With automatic shut of valve
  • Specially designed ratchet clump to control the fluid flow
  • Efficient roller control for better flow control
  • Approximately 50 to 60 drops = 1 ML DW
  • Self Sealing latex bulb/ tube latex for extra medication
  • Medical grade non toxic, non kink able, soft PVC tubing ,1500mm length
  • Available size : 110ml,150ml